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North Coast of Scotland June 2009


Welcome to my new Henderson Family Website. I have taken a new approach in presenting my family tree data. The size of my tree is now too big to show on A4 pages and was giving me trouble in producing a report that contained all the data and easy too understand. This report has been produced by "Family Historian" which is new to me and gives a searchable report in varian levels of complexity. This issue contains all the basic data that I have collected. I have also included pdf family tree diagrams for the main ancestral lines. I will be adding photographs and source data including transcribed records of birth, marriage, death and census for the individuals in this family tree.
My ancestral records go back to:
James Henderson b. Cir. 1670 Perth Scotland
Alexander Wilson b. Cir. 1730 Fife Scotland
Hugh McPherson b. Cir. 1800 Scotland
George Henderson b. Cir. 1705 Scotland



Table of Contents
Ancestors by Generation
Descendants by Generation
Direct Henderson Ancestors
Wilson Ancestors
McPherson Ancestors
Isabella Henderson Ancestors
Murray Ancestors



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